Student Report

Festival @ Di Y through a student’s eyes

Festival @ Di Y through a student’s eyes

Festival @ Di Y through a student’s eyes

By Shadae Williams

There were a lot of people at “Festival @ Di Y.” It was a fun and awesome event. You could see that the community were all happy and excited about what was going on at the Y.
My favourite act was the youth boys from Hostel. They made up a song called “Gimmy Dalla”. The song was mostly about the Youth of Belize, encouraging them to start doing right and to spend their money wisely. It was wonderful!
I felt very excited because I was the choreographer of the dance “Replay “from Zendaya. As the choreographer it was good but challenging as people learned at different paces. The dancers were all excited and happy. They all kept a smile after and before the dance. They were also very dedicated and they did a great job.
People liked and enjoyed the event. They stayed until the entire festival was done. Almost the whole community came out to enjoy themselves. They even enjoyed our Belizean singers TR Shine, Shanelle, Chad Wade and many more. Thanks to the YMCA and our sponsors, it was fun and successful.

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