3rd World Summer Camp

3rd World Summer Camp

3rd World Summer Camp

Volunteering at the Third World Summer Camp

My first day at the 3rd world summer camp was exciting. I saw many new faces of people from the neighbourhood coming out to participate. There were a lot of kids smiling; I didn’t hesitate to meet them all. At first I was very eager to teach and work with these children. They seemed so happy and willing to learn. However; because of their excitement and willingness to learn I then realize that it takes a lot of patients to teach children sports.

I thought it would be an easy experience working at the camp because I love to teach and volley ball is my favourite sport, but it was not so easy. In the days that followed I learned more about working with children and then my job became a lot easier. As they were learning their smiles got bigger and everyone‘s days went better. Not only did they play, but they learned and that made me very happy.

At the ending of the summer camp, the children shared with us what they learned and I felt proud because it was a success and I was a part of their learning. Not only did they learn, but I also learnt from them and the experience which they were a part of. A secret that helped me while I was working with these children was to show them love, kindness and to be patient with them. I know that what I have shared with children they will share to younger generation and they too will also learn from it. I learnt that by having patients and showing others love will help me in school and at home, instead of resorting to into trouble.

By Shadae Williams

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