Vacancy: YMCA Belize Program Director

Vacancy: YMCA Belize Program Director

Deadline: 3:00 pm 23rd December, 2016


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YMCA Belize

Community Empowerment Program

Program Director

YMCA Belize Building Strong Children, Families and Communities



  1. Lead the design and implementation of YMCA Belize Community Empowerment Program for Youths, Families and Communities.
  2. Lead the implementation and evaluation of the YMCA Personal and Social Development Program within all YMCA program components.
  3. Lead and strengthen the YMCA Program Pillars of Character Strengthening and Leadership Building as fundamental components of the YMCA Community Empowerment Program.
  4. Integrate the core values of YMCA Belize Community Empowerment in all program components and lead the planning, education and measurement of specific core areas that are essential to youth and family development.
  5. Lead the identification of staff development in specific topic areas to ensure their understanding, support and promotion of the complete development of YMCA Youths and Families in our Community Empowerment Program.
  6. Work with groups of people to identify possibilities, and to formulate goals and strategies to improve the lives of YMCA youth and families.
  7. Organize and facilitate training and strategy sessions for youths, families, and community to build capacity for individual and community action with strong team building skills.
  8. Design and implement a comprehensive measurement and evaluation system for the Community Empowerment Program at the youth, family and community level.
  9. Lead the development of the YMCA Youth Volunteer Team to promote volunteerism, professional development and community empowerment.
  10. Lead the development of the YMCA Parent Team to celebrate and promote role and value of parenting for children, families and communities.
  11. Lead the development of the YMCA Community Volunteer Team to promote and celebrate community empowerment and activities for healthy, happy living.
  12. Support strong partnership and cooperation with all YMCA partners; schools, community, government, non-profit, and private sector.
  13. Responsible for all administrative documentations, oral and written communication, and equipment inventory under Social Program responsibility.
  14. Assist with supervision of youth members while at the centre and other related responsibilities and duties as required for the success of the youth program.

Qualifications Experience

  1. Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Community Psychology, or Social Sciences.
  2. Three to five years’ experience in area of Community Development, Youth Development or Social Development.

Specific Experiences

  1. Strong facilitation and mobilizing and organizing skills
  2. Strong interpersonal and reflection skills
  3. Knowledgeable and experienced information technology skills
  4. One to three years’ volunteerism experience
  5. Certification in Life Skills Development and Leadership Skills an asset
  6. Good listening and empathetic
  7. Experienced leadership skills in building small groups, teams, communities and organizations
  8. Strong organization skills with attention to detail and timeline for success.
  9. Experience in planning and implementation of youth activities.

General experience

  • Strong practice in discretion and confidentiality
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong professional, documentation, and reporting skills
  • Professional experience working with young people either in a paid or voluntary capacity
  • Strong computer literacy in emails, web searches, Microsoft Office, social media.



At least three (3) references

Contact: YMCA 672-5535 or

Send Application to YMCA Belize P. O. Box 1836 Belize City, Belize or 3579 Faber’s Road Extension Belize City Belize or

Deadline: 3:00pm 23rd December, 2016


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